Ladwa College Of Education


An institution is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be. Our planning to create a person is supported by strategic vision, high mission and active creativity for achievement of goals.


We believe that education is a very important tool to change the society, although its impact reflects after a decade or two. There is so much to do to make man free from evils or to change the society for positive and to make the man, state, nation, or world, perfect as far as possible. We can make this change only through good teachers. It is our faith that ‘A teacher is the nation builder’. So to make the society, as it should be, it is must to prepare the teachers, who may prove able themselves, for this cause. We are to make our institute a suitable component for the same.

"Know thy self" has been the dictum since ages in every part of the world. This self-exploration leads to self-improvement. Keeping in mind the overall development of the pupil-teachers, the college has introduced various guilds & cells based on the essentials of personality development and human excellence. The concept of cells has emerged as a result of introspection by the college administration to provide opportunities to the pupil-teachers to bring forth, foster and enhance their variegated abilities. The aim is not to create a self cantered human being but to develop in them a spirit of team work and respect for the abilities of fellow pupil-teacher.


Our sole mission is to serve the country by providing efficient, skillful, dedicated and eminent teachers. Along this, to make this college a mile-stone for the same. Our mission includes-

  •     The attainment of holistic development of an individual
  •     To make ideal teachers through academic excellence, professional competence, personal, inter-personal and social skills
  •     To create an understanding and regard amongst our students for human values, pride in their heritage and culture besides a keen sense of right and wrong
  •     To grow value dignity of self and others and exhibit compassion and regard for all so that this world be a better place to live in

Chairperson's Message

The Ladwa College of Education, is an epitome of higher learning imparting value-based, result-oriented education. Over the years, it will grow into a leading educational centre in this region, widely recognized for its modern infrastructure, vibrant campus and academic excellence in the fields of education. The most precious of all resources is the "human resource" and the process & proseperity of any organaizaiton, society and that of nation depends on the skills and the competence of its citizens in various disciplines and those can be produced by skilled teachers, So the students of this college are to become such type of teachers

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